Friday, 18 July 2014

End of Ms NAIDOC 2014

Here we are at the postscript of Ms NAIDOC for 2014! I have completely enjoyed hosting this, and am happy to present Ms NAIDOC with its own space in the www. This space may be temporary depending on whether interest grows and a "real home" is needed in the future, or it may also serve as the home of Ms NAIDOC for subsequent years. Time will tell.

For now though, even though the "week" has wrapped up, I am getting sent requests through to see if I will accept more profiles. The answer is yes, I will. My thinking is that for as long as people wish to celebrate amazing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women for things other than how they walk in heels and present in a dress then this space can be used for this and profiles can be published on an ongoing basis. If you do wish to send in a profile, just follow the guidelines here and ALL profiles will be considered. Additionally, I am incredibly interested in collectivising this space so that there is a community of black women on here posting up new profiles throughout the year as they see fit. Let me know if you are interested in being a site mod, and we will go from there.

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone who has been involved in Ms NAIDOC this year. Thank you to those who sent in profiles, to those who were featured, and to those who read and shared these onwards. Thank you also to those in the media who took interest and those in the community who embraced the chance to celebrate our women in ways that actually are important and respectful. And thank you to all the Ms NAIDOCs for just being awesome and inspiring. Let's keep this ball rolling!

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